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Bahamas Island Ospreys are different in coloring than the U.S. variety. Some bird specialists believe a separate species identification for the Bahamaian Osprey should be created.
Just A Splash This Osprey Made Catching This Fish Out Over The Atlantic OceanAn Osprey Off The Coast Of The Bahamas Shows off a Fish It Just CaughtA Baby Osprey Takes a Deep Breath Before Taking It's Maiden Flight From It's NestOne Handed Catch Could Be the Title of This Photograph Of An Osprey and a Fish Taken In The BahamasThe Grouper Being Netted By This Osprrey On The Waters Of the BahamasBig Catch for This Osprey of This Jack Caught On Andros Island in The BahamasOn Patrol Of This Closeup Photograph of An Osprey Captured Over the Ocean in The BahamasPrepare To Defend  It's Catch as This Osprey Keeps An Eye On Circling Buzzards Intent On Stealing The Jack Fish Just Captured, Taken Off Andros Island BahamasVictory Salute From This Osprey After It's Catch of a Flounder Fish-- Look Closely At The Feet of The Osprey and You Can See the FlounderJust An Osprey Flying Solo Out Over The Waters Of the BahamasWhen Fish Fly, At Least With the Help of this Osprey; Ospreys Always Seem To Find the Best Way To Carry A FishSometimes You Gotta Get Wet This Osprey Finds Out As It Tries To Haul In It's DinnerAn Osprey Carrying It's Fish Dinner Back to the NestSometimes You Gotta Get Wet Again, Even In The Ocean! Yes this Was The Ocean!!Homeward Bound This Ospry Goes In This Photograph From Andros Island In The BahamasAnother Osprey Flies By In The Bahams-- Home To Large Quanties of This BirdKitchen Tools Might Be The Title Of This Image Of An Osprey Dangling It's Tallons, Taken On Andros Island The BahamasBreaststroke, Bird Style. This Osprey Goes Under the Water in Search of a MealThis Osprey Came Right At Me After Catching this Fish. Just Shoing Off I GuessIt Looks Like this Fish Is Taking an Elevator To The Top As It Rises In A Column of Water, Taken Off Big Wood Cay Andros Island Bahamas