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Birds and Light

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Birds and Light

Bahama Ospreys

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Bahama Ospreys

Traditional Bird Photographs

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Traditional Bird Photographs

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23.Michael Diekmann(non-registered)
These photographs are amazing Dan!
22.Sharon Bernabeu(non-registered)
I hope all is well with you and that 2014 was a good year for you.
Thanks for stopping by Photopoints. I hope to see you there soon...
As always your website is full of beautiful images...Smiles, Sharon
21.Clarissa Pinder(non-registered)
Wow!! Are these for real?
20.Clarissa Pinder(non-registered)
Daniel Belasco (smiles)
These photos are priceless! They are captivating!! It is an eye opener for me on Mangrove Cay Such a great heritage! You have done a job of perfection with the photos.

I totally enjoy viewing them. I have invited Linda Barry Cooper out of West End to view them, She is also an avid bird watcher. She was astounded and saw you as having a great anointing on your life for photography (of birds especially)smiles).

Enjoying them now.
Just dropping in to say hello...You are missed at Photopoints. Are you going to post there again?
A beautiful web site...Smiles, Sharon
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